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SAP Solution Manager 7.1 Installation

  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Technical Monitoring
  • Business process Monitoring

The benefit of automated monitoring was immediate.
With the guidance of Blue Pencil Consulting, we implemented business-process monitoring functionality in our SAP Solution Manager 7.1 system. Thus, we saved up to 30% of time and effort by automating this manually monitored process. The monitoring capabilities were well suited to solving this labor and time-intensive exercise. Once the KPI and alerting configuration was activated, the benefit of the automated monitoring was immediate. The monitoring team can now pinpoint the cause of the problem, and it is notified via the alerting framework, and, therefore, can address issues proactively.

Time and effort savings of up to 80%.
We decided strategically to take full advantage of our SAP Solution Manager 7.1. Therefore, we performed a fresh install to ensure a best-practice installation and configuration. Blue Pencil Consulting assisted with the installation, basic configuration and rollout of the root cause analysis functionality. This enabled our technical team to get a full and consolidated view of the application and database environment with minimal effort. Furthermore, it has led to a noticeable time and effort savings of up to 80%, when extracting technical information from the SAP landscape.

50% improvement with respect to affecting and changing the monitoring requirements
Blue Pencil Consulting assisted us with our SAP Solution Manager 7.1 journey. Making use of technical-monitoring templates has enabled us to create custom templates to cater to our complex landscape. The functionality was quickly adjusted and rapidly deployed to the large managed landscape, and resulted in an improvement of 60% with respect to affecting and changing the monitoring requirements. The speed and flexibility of this exercise has contributed significantly to the effectiveness of our technical-support team.

Francois van der Merwe
Pick ‘n Pay Retailers, South Africa

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