City Of Johannesburg

City Of Johannesburg
SAP Solution Manager 7.0 configuration

  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Business Process Monitoring
  • Service Desk
  • ChaRM

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Business Process Operations
The City of Johannesburg appointed Blue Pencil Consulting (Pty) Ltd to guide them in the implementation of Business Process Monitoring. The key IS-Utilities processing jobs were initially selected. E-mail and Service Desk messages where used to alert the business owners when thresholds where crossed. The business now has the benefit of identifying which processes are affected by failed or delayed jobs. We also get notified when jobs are being scheduled during normal operational hours that have a significant effect on system performance and we can act sooner. This gave us a single source of truth with respect to our critical business processing. By proactively receiving alerts, our support teams have reduced their monitoring and administration time by at least 40%.

Root Cause Analysis
Blue Pencil Consulting (Pty) Ltd assisted our technical teams implement Root Cause Analysis. (RCA) The RunSAP roadmap assisted the team to manage the rollout. We were pleasantly surprised at the amount of information RCA added to the Early Watch Reports. The Change Reporting component of RCA has given management tremendous transparency and accountability with respect to the technical team activities. This is a significant benefit in our organisation. The problem resolution capability of our support team has been increased and we are able to provide a more efficient support service to our users. Long term this will contribute a reduction in incident turnaround time of at least 25%.

Incident Management
With the expert guidance and knowledge of Blue Pencil Consulting (Pty) Ltd we implemented Solution Manager’s Incident Management. The Incident Management capabilities exceeded our requirements, reduced our support response time, and created greater support transparency to the business through the various reports. It will form the basis of our ChaRM rollout as we increase Solution Manager’s foot print in the organisation.

Service Level Reporting
Blue Pencil Consulting (Pty) Ltd implemented Solution Manager’s Service Level Reporting (SLR) for the Basis and Business Process Operations. This weekly report gives us an immediate and easy to read report on how the technical and business support teams are managing their areas. Using the performance KPI’s and Trend Analysis we can quickly see if our Solution Support teams are providing a quality service to the business. A major benefit is the ability to see the historical performance graphs and tables as well as giving us an immediate overview of our capacity requirements now and for the future. This has given the technical teams a qualitative projection for database growth and processing capacity. SLR increased the overall transparency of the landscape performance and usage transparency by more than 80%.

The benefit of automated monitoring was immediate.
With the guidance of Blue Pencil Consulting, we implemented business-process monitoring functionality in our SAP Solution Manager 7.1 system. Thus, we saved up to 30% of time and effort by automating this manually monitored process. The monitoring capabilities were well suited to solving this labor and time-intensive exercise. Once the KPI and alerting configuration was activated, the benefit of the automated monitoring was immediate. The monitoring team can now pinpoint the cause of the problem, and it is notified via the alerting framework, and, therefore, can address issues proactively.

Amanda Kotze
Acting Director: ERP Solution Support (SAP CCoE)
City of Johannesburg, South Africa

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