NUCLEUS | SAP Solution Manager – Simplified

Powered by SMAMS (Solution Manager as a Managed Service)

Reap immediate value from SAP Solution Manager

Nucleus is our cloud based SAP Solution Manager system that enables small to medium sized enterprise customers to reap the rewards of SAP Solution Manager. Cloud technologies make SAP Solution Manager available to customers without having to incur upfront costs and consulting time. Alongside this Managed system, we offer smooth and reliable support services delivered directly by certified consultants.

Nucleus simplifies the SAP Solution Manager toolset. It reduces the cost of ownership and fast tracks the achievement of ROI.

With minimal upfront investment, the full the benefit of SAP Solution Manager can be realized quickly. This enables effective use of your SAP Enterprise Support contract, allowing for direct communication with SAP


BluePencil experience shows that:

  • Partner led, on premise SAP Solution Manager implementations have high hardware, implementation and maintenance costs.
  • Internal implementations come with a comparably high price tag, adoption issues and high maintenance costs.
  • Nucleus eliminates hardware costs, delivers functionality at a fraction of the implementation cost and drives down maintenance costs.

Blue-Pencil-Factsheet-Nucleus-image1Benefits of Nucleus?

Reduce time and costs

  • Operational SAP Solution Manager in the fraction of the time.
  • ITIL-compliant Incident management implemented at a fraction of the cost using the built in Service desk.
  • Faster benefit realisation of SAP Solution Manager standards.
  • No initial hardware or consulting costs.
  • No requirement to upskill internal staff to operate and maintain SAP Solution Manager.

Reduce complexity and TCO, increase agility and ROI 

  • SAP Solution Manager reporting and metric output is made available, analyzed and interpreted by BluePencil experts and used to guide and monitor business and technical initiatives.
  • Pro-active monitoring prevents costly downtime and increases total cost of ownership.
  • Upgrades to SAP Solution Manager take place with minimal impact and zero cost.
  • Provides the ability to predict and inform hardware investment decisions.
  • SAP Solution Manager available 24/7.


  • Can be tailored to your SAP landscape and needs over time.


  • Only technical data is gathered for analysis. Uploaded Solution Documentation is protected for Customer only access.

Blue Pencil’s expertise coupled with SAP Solution Manager as a Managed Service drives an unbeatable solution.

BluePencil are market leaders in SAP Solution Manager, we are a RunSAP Partner with SMaaMs certification and have twice been Global SAP Pinnacle Award finalists in the RunSAP category (2012 & 2014).


We have the solutions to meet any customer requirement and ensure Value realisation.

Available to all Enterprise Support customers: One secure service offering, available 24/7, scalable to enable growth.

Nucleus Engagement and Pricing Models


  • We connect your landscape, make functionality available and provide ongoing maintenance according to your needs. Functionality is limited as per the diagram.


  • Additional functionality is made available and operated by our consultants as shown.
  • Monitoring is proactive and reported.
  • Weekly and monthly reporting on stability and performance trends.


  • A combination of Self Service and Full Service solutions provide a flexible approach to your requirements.

Click here to download the SAP Nucleus fact sheet