Blue Pencil South Africa signs collaboration agreement with US partner

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Blue Pencil South Africa signs collaboration agreement with US partner.

Blue Pencil South Africa, a leading SAP services partner, and Concorn USA have signed an agreement to foster collaborative work and provision of resources. This agreement is designed to extend the access to SAP Solution Manager resources across both companies thereby creating access to a fluid workforce that is able to service the South African as well as the US market. The Memorandum of Understanding agreement will enable Concorn to provide offsite support and project skills into the US market at very competitive rates, and at the same time, enable Blue Pencil South Africa to extend its expertise into a new region. The long-term goal is to extend the relationship to offer Blue Pencil’s digital content creation and learning services to the US client base.

The agreement as was signed in May 2017 in Orlando Florida during SAP’s premiere conference, SAPHIRE 2017, where the two companies shared an exhibition stand to make their relationship known to the US client base.

“SAP Solution Manager skills are hard to come by in the US market, and by signing this agreement with Blue Pencil, Concorn is instantly able to increase its skill base from a reputable source without any risk” says CEO Valton Berisha. “We have been working on this relationship for a while to ensure that the culture and visions of the two companies were aligned. This was confirmed with the overwhelming response we received from customers we spoke to during the SAPHIRE 2017 event,” adds Valton.

Graham Henderson, MD of Blue Pencil South Africa went on to say: “We have authored and published two books together on SAP Solution Manager 7.2 over the past year, and this has given us a chance to collaborate and align the two companies. This collaboration also gives Blue Pencil access to some of the world’s top brands who run complicated SAP landscapes and this knowledge is brought back for the benefit of our South African client base”.